Welcome to S&N Pumps, a pioneering brand that has been at the forefront of pumping solutions since its inception in 1954 in Houston, Texas. Founded by Emmett Stewart and Harold Nus, S&N Pumps initially carved its niche in the fresh water well industry. However, driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence, the company swiftly diversified its operations into the industrial sector and ventured into offshore applications.

Throughout its journey, S&N Pumps has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to quality and reliability, earning a reputation as a trusted partner in various industries, such as environmental pollution recovery, showcasing its versatility and ability to address pressing environmental challenges.

Today, S&N Pumps stands as a leading authority in offshore drilling and production. Leveraging decades of experience and cutting-edge technology, the brand delivers robust pumping solutions tailored to the unique demands of offshore environments. Whether it's extracting valuable resources or ensuring efficient operations, S&N Pumps remains committed to maximizing performance while prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability.

With a rich history rooted in innovation and a forward-thinking approach, S&N Pumps continues to push the boundaries of pumping technology, driving progress in offshore industries worldwide. Experience reliability, efficiency, and expertise with S&N Pumps - your trusted partner in pumping solutions for offshore applications. Our designs, engineering, fabrication, worldwide customer support with stocking programs and 24/7 service technicians make us: "The Sea Water Authority".

World Class Engineering

S&N Pumps engineers are a part of product design from "pad to pencil" to fabrication, to final product and to install and commissioning. S&N Pumps engineers understand the needs of our customers and the importance of building a long-term relationship. Therefore, the customer intimacy in our products starts with the initial conversations and carries through to design and final product.

Worldwide Support

As a global company, our S&N Pumps team can provide service support anywhere in the world with resources to offer immediate solutions to critical breakdowns or assistance during planned maintenance. Our technicians help minimize downtime so that rig operations can be resumed as quickly as possible.

Packaging and Shipping

All products are packaged in custom built crates. Packaging is closely monitored to make sure that product specifications are met, and in compliance with, high safety standards. Our custom packaging ensures that the customer receives the final product safely, securely, and ready for plug-n-play. We provide our customers peace of mind in knowing that their equipment will arrive on time and ready to use. We are committed to maintaining an inventory large enough to ensure customers quick turnaround on all pump parts and necessities.


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