Water is an essential and also limited resource, and at Celeros Flow Technology we are helping to ensure the continued integrity of its supply - whether it is for meeting municipal demands for potable drinking water, or to address modern engineering and manufacturing processes. Over the course of many decades, the global water industry has come to rely upon the extensive range of flow control equipment we produce. This equipment is instrumental in enabling utilities and industrial operations to have constant access to the water they need.

Delivering elevated levels of performance and coping with intense duty cycles, our pumps are employed in a broad array of activities relating to the transportation, storage, purification and recycling of global water reserves. These include flocculation, clarification, equalization, desalination of seawater, chemical addition, drainage, reservoir supply, pressure boosting and borehole extraction, as well as dealing with industrial effluents. Our experienced and highly skilled engineering team are able to draw on their in-depth knowledge of process and mechanical design to develop highly optimized and fully effective solutions. These solutions are accompanied by numerous support services covering maintenance, repair and diagnostics for carrying out plant performance analysis: all of which help to ensure ongoing operational longevity and end product quality, as well as keeping the associated running costs to an absolute minimum.

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