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Our valves heritage is rooted in the power, process water and oil & gas industries. Through Copes-Vulcan, we inherit more than 100 years of expertise in steam conditioning and water regulation – including ‘doing our bit’ on the allied battleships in World War II. Today, Copes-Vulcan control valves, actuators and steam conditioning equipment are the informed choice across the globe for severe and critical service applications in the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, industrial processing and nuclear energy sectors.

M&J Valve were born in 1962 and have been a leader in the pipeline valve industry since their inception. They were rebranded as Daniel Valve in 1977, but the M&J Valve name was reinstated in 2002 when they were acquired by SPX FLOW. Now part of Celeros Flow Technology, their current portfolio includes the innovative DANFLO surge relief system.

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Manage Parts & Supply

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1. OEM Supplier of Choice

At Celeros Flow Technology, delivering engineering excellence to our customers is a key priority. We offer a comprehensive range of aftermarket services to support the ongoing operation of installed valves and ensure that optimal performance is maintained. The activities include valve and wellhead maintenance, repair and remanufacturing. The reconditioning of valves produced by other manufacturers is also encompassed. In addition, through our inventory management service, we are able to take care of the logistics aspects, so customer assets are serviced with maximum efficiency.

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2. OEM Parts

To reduce outage cycle times for our customers, all Celeros Flow Technology parts are manufactured to original specifications - ensuring that proper material selection, contour shape, clearances and field fit-up are all adhered to.

Our global network of service centers each stock a huge inventory of different products, so that customers can benefit from off-the-shelf availability. This covers both new and remanufactured valves, in all the popular sizes and styles. Going that extra mile to deliver exceptional service, our engineers have the ability to locate, refurbish and modify pre-owned valves in order to meet customers’ specification and performance requirements. On-site repair work can be done quickly and conveniently.

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3. Service Agreements

There are numerous service agreement options available that customers can explore. Contact us to get more details on these, and to discover which one is the best fit for your needs.

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4. Analytics & Tech Support

Leveraging cutting-edge analysis tools and established inspection procedures, Celeros Flow Technology are able to offer invaluable technical support for our valves throughout the entire system lifecycle. This support comprises:

  • Start-up and commissioning consultation work
  • Pre-outage inspection activities
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair training/education programs
  • Ongoing outage support
  • Condition monitoring, inspection and valve/actuator troubleshooting
  • Field services and repair
Explore the supply chain by clicking on a stage on the left to learn more.

5. Engineered Replacement Parts

Celeros Flow Technology have the capacity to solve customers’ part replacement problems by supplying an alternative solution within a short turnaround time. This means that difficult to source or obsolete parts can be substituted by items that will either offer ‘like-for-like’ performance and functionality or actually result in operational enhancements.

We can rebuild many types of valves from the ground up. With access to a large inventory of spare parts, along with complete cleaning, machining and testing capabilities, virtually any valve repair requirement can be satisfied. These valves can be trimmed to effectively handle various flow requirements.

Improve Your Existing Equipment

Improve Your Equipment
Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower Cost of Ownership

Leveraging the highly reputable M&J Valve and Copes Vulcan brands, Celeros Flow Technology is at the forefront of valve technology. Providing a foundation to our product portfolio is a comprehensive suite of engineering resources that address the entire lifecycle. This helps to substantially boost the performance and extend the operational lifespan of our valves, which translates into a lower cost of ownership from the customer’s perspective. It is backed by the ability of our regional service centers to deliver exceptional localized support and react rapidly to the demands placed upon them.

Valves that have been in service for a long period of time can be modernized and converted to new designs that are more effective. This will help to enhance their operational efficiency, as well as reducing the risk of potential leaks. Migration away from outdated floating-bushing arrangements is advised, as is converting molded retainers to modern molded seat designs. Advances in material science have also been witnessed over the years, and Celeros Flow Technology is able to provide metallurgical upgrades accordingly - thereby increasing corrosive resistance and mechanical robustness.

Celeros Flow Technology prides itself on being responsive to customers when they need to replace valves. Our field operatives can help with the installing process in order to minimize downtime, while our repair centers can refurbish the original valve (then store it for the customer as a spare). To safeguard against operational interruptions, we recommend that customers also maintain a safety stock of component parts. This should cover everything from seals and packing, through to gates, stems and seats. Based on their engineering knowledge and application experience, our technicians can recommend what quantity levels will be needed for each respective component. Through detailed documentation, it can be ensured that all supplied components adhere to customer standards.

Routine maintenance packages mean that our field service technicians can provide customers with a variety of different key services (which can be scheduled alongside periodic maintenance work) for ensuring valve upkeep. These include valve lubrication, flushing and greasing. There are also operator installation services, limit setting and troubleshooting activities - all of which can be done directly at the valve site. The Celeros Flow Technology field service team is fully OQ certified to winterize valves installed in locations with low-temperature climates, so that they continue to function as expected despite exposure to challenging conditions. Our field service staff are trained to perform and assist with DOT inspections of valves (covering cycling, flushing, greasing, and visual checks), and provide the necessary documentation once inspections have been completed.

Valve Service Solutions

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Service Centers
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Industry Leading Field Service

  • Site Service
  • Condition monitoring
  • Pipeline valve conversions
  • Global Service Centre Network
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Service Agreements

  • Stocking Agreements
  • Parts Frame Agreements
  • Inventory Monitoring & Management
Flow PNE Airpel Refurbishment

Engineered Valve Solutions, Refurbishment & Upgrades

  • Technical Evaluation of returned parts
  • Material enhancement
  • Actuator change
  • Valve rebuild
  • Nuclear refurbishments & upgrades
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Commissioning Installation & Product Training

  • Start-up & commissioning Consultation
  • Maintenance and repair training/education programs.
  • DOT OQ Qualified and experienced technicians
Valve AM

Repair Maintenance & Overhaul

  • Pre-Outage inspection
  • DOT Valve Inspections
  • Field lubrication
  • Removal and installation of storage wellheads
  • Comprehensive valve repair and replacement

Training Materials

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