Acknowledged as an industry leader in marine pumps and filtration systems, Celeros Flow Technology can draw on an exceptional track record with regard to continued engineering innovation. Our technology is featured in all manner of vessels - from minesweepers, frigates, destroyers, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to civilian craft and merchant ships - allowing their long-term upkeep to be maintained, as well as assuring comfort, hygiene and safety.

Our versatile rotary and vane pumps are used for ship bunkering, ship liquid cargo pumping, bilge and ballast pumping, seal oil circulation and fuel oil firing (boilers etc.) on commercial vessels, and we also produce specially engineered pumps to Naval specifications.

Our marine products can withstand being situated in the most uncompromising of application settings, dealing with exposure to extreme weather conditions and rough treatment. Rugged in construction but simple in design, our pump systems ensure many years of reliable service and can be manufactured to satisfy the stringent requirements associated with defense applications. Our ClydeUnion Pumps brand designs and manufactures critical and First Level equipment for past and current submarine classes.

Our commitment to customer service extends to maintaining spares support for equipment that has now seen many years’ service. Detailed records and equipment traceability combined with a commitment to customer support has resulted in spares still being available, enabling ships to remain in operation as long as required, wherever in the world they operate.


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