The state-of-the-art flow control and fluid handling solutions developed and marketed by Celeros Flow Technology cover every element of refinery and post-refinery petrochemical treatment, as well as dealing with the purification and clarification of numerous other chemical compounds and bio fuels. Our valves and pumps products are incorporated into all kinds of processing plants across the world, where they carry out essential and often safety-critical tasks.

The valves we produce support a large number of cycles and can handle elevated pressure levels (with extensive seal lifespans that prevent potential leakage), thereby resulting in less wastage plus heightened degrees of safety. This in turn contributes to increased productivity and more modest day-to-day running costs. By specifying our pumps, customers are able to experience heightened operational performance levels, which will in turn translate into greater profitability.

Everything we supply to our customers, from component parts right through to large-scale system solutions, is fully optimized to fit both their technical and budgetary requirements, with the most appropriate materials being used. So, in situations where there are harsh working environments to contend with (such as the prospect of exposure to corrosive media or extreme temperatures), higher spec models may be recommended; while in less severe circumstances more cost-effective models will prove to be the best choice. Thanks to the robust and reliable nature of our technology and the range of price points offered, lower overall cost of ownership is enjoyed by our customer base. This leads to a far better return on investment. Alongside all this, we also have an expansive range of support services on offer. These cover maintenance, testing, repair, replacement of parts, refurbishment/reconditioning, inventory management and training.

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