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Celeros Flow Technology are able to claim a 140-year history in pump design and manufacture through their world-renowned brands, known today as ClydeUnion Pumps and Plenty Pumps. Our engineering expertise was honed in shipbuilding, before progressing into synergistic applications in the burgeoning oil & gas sector and beyond.

We are committed to supporting your pumps throughout their operational lifetime – which can be in excess of 60 years. This means we not only provide customer aftersales services for our current ClydeUnion and Plenty pumps, but can also act as your lifecycle partner for our many heritage brands: Allen Gwynnes, David Brown, Girdlestone, Harland, Mather & Platt, Plenty Mirrlees Pumps, Pompes Guinard, S&N Pump, Union Pump, WH Allen, and Weir Pumps, as well as third party pumps.

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Manage Parts & Supply

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1. OEM Supplier of Choice

System longevity and ensuring maximum return on investment are key priorities for all Celeros Flow Technology’s customers. With this in mind, we strive to supply and maintain pumps that are capable of setting new benchmarks in terms of uptime, as well as specification compliance.

We appreciate that specifying and installing flow control equipment is just the start of the journey. Even the best pump needs regular maintenance to make certain it continues to achieve required performance specifications. General wear and tear, as well as other factors like changing operating conditions, can lead to pumps delivering less than peak efficiency over time.

Our highly adept engineering staff are ready to attend to all your operational needs. Their activities cover servicing and maintenance, parts repair and replacement, the upgrading of pumps to address new process requirements, holistic system optimization, etc. They are also able to identify and resolve potential problems at the earliest possible stage.

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Explore the supply chain by clicking on a stage on the left to learn more.

2. OEM Parts

Thanks to centuries of engineering heritage across our pump product lines, our long-established brands offer OEM part supply capabilities that have both exceptional scope and effectiveness. This continuity of supply is paramount in critical applications - where parts availability, along with guarantees that the same material specifications and original performance parameters can be adhered to, are essential for long-term compliance.

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3. Service Agreements

Customers taking advantage of our comprehensive and flexible service agreements know we are ready to respond directly to any difficulty that may arise: dealing with it quickly and effectively, in order to significantly reduce disruption and avoid unwanted cost penalties. There are a multitude of different service agreement options on offer to our customer base.

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4. Analytics & Tech Support

Due to our extensive experience, our aftermarket team can offer guidance on when it is best to upgrade or replace pump component parts. This means that high efficiency levels and safe operation can always be depended upon, even if conditions change over time. To assist us in this work, we have invested in a variety of sophisticated analysis methods and advanced software tools. These are relevant from both a trouble-shooting and a predictive maintenance standpoint. Consequently, our customers can have full confidence that their deployed pumping equipment will continue to function as expected.

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5. Engineered Replacement Parts

Celeros Engineered Replacement Parts - Solving customers problems with an alternate solution for difficult to source, obsolete, or enhanced components for their equipment.

Utilising the Celeros Re-Engineering process provides an opportunity to supply replacement components / sub-assemblies, with improved performance, through upgrades and re-rates, with quality assurance, and quick deliveries, to ensure minimum down time and best return on investment for Customer's assets.

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Improve Your Existing Equipment

Improvement Solutions
Raising Pump Efficiency Levels

Raising Pump Efficiency Levels

The largest contributor to the cost of running a pump is the energy it consumes. Any factor that lowers the pump’s operational efficiency increases running costs.

Pumps may run less efficiently for various reasons, significantly increasing energy costs. Examples include changes in process parameters or conditions, alterations in the ambient surroundings, general wear over time, and changes to the fluid’s properties.

Celeros Flow Technology uses sophisticated analysis tools to estimate the effectiveness of improvements, allowing different upgrade scenarios to be investigated before investment. These tools apply to both our equipment and third-party equipment, leading to marked efficiency improvements, reduced running costs, and extended operational lifespan. The return on investment time is very short, often just a few months.

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Improvement Solutions
Material Upgrades to Prolong Pump Usage

Material Upgrades to Prolong Pump Usage

Celeros Flow Technology’s pump brands respond promptly to parts enquiries. We use a combination of OEM facilities, service centers, and global supply chain resources to meet customers’ needs efficiently. Genuine replacement parts can be sourced quickly, with proprietary features enabling installation in a short time without specialist torquing equipment.

Our streamlined process ensures minimal downtime and maintains operational efficiency. Customers benefit from reduced maintenance times and costs, as our parts are designed for easy integration. In addition to quick response times, we provide technical support to assist with installation and ensure optimal performance.

By leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we maintain high standards of service and reliability, ensuring our customers’ pumps operate smoothly and efficiently. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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Improvement Solutions
Rapid Parts Supply to Minimize Downtime

Rapid Parts Supply to Minimize Downtime

Universally recognized as a leading pump manufacturer, Celeros Flow Technology has thousands of units deployed globally across various applications. We are uniquely positioned to advise on metallurgy upgrades to maximize equipment longevity.

Case study example:

Excessive erosion on a KSMK pump in an oil extraction plant negatively impacted Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). The pump, in operation for less than 4 years, showed signs of excessive wear. ClydeUnion Pumps proposed a triple solution to upgrade the BB2 pump, including advanced tungsten carbide coatings to mitigate erosion. Compared to expensive equipment replacement, our solution delivered cost savings and increased reliability, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. This case exemplifies our ability to enhance equipment performance and extend operational life through targeted upgrades, providing significant value to our customers.

Improvement Solutions
Hydraulic Re-Design For Process Changes

Hydraulic Re-Design For Process Changes

Essential to any pump’s operation is its hydraulic performance, measured in flow, pressure, and power consumed. Celeros Flow Technology’s technical expertise allows us to redesign any installed unit to optimize its operational requirements. Often, this involves finding an alternative hydraulic setup from our extensive portfolio of legacy designs. We also supply fully optimized clean sheet designs using the latest software tools when required.

Case study example:

Our US oil & gas customer needed a hydraulic re-rate of a third-party multi-stage pump to new conditions while maximizing efficiency. We found the most cost-effective method was to trim the impellers to match the desired flow and restore running clearances to API 610 standards. This hydraulic re-rate achieved a 20% reduction in operating costs, a 30% reduction in energy consumption, and an ROI within 12 months.

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Pump Service Solutions

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Service Centers

Industry Leading Field Service

  • Site Service
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Commissioning & Installation
  • Noise & Vibration Analysis
  • Site Product Training

Master Service Agreements (MSA)

  • Parts Stocking Agreements
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Pro Active Service Repair Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi Year Call Off Technical Support Agreements

Engineered Pump Solutions, Upgrades & Re-rates

  • Performance Upgrades
  • Hydraulic re-rating
  • Mechanical upgrading
  • Material enhancements
  • Performance Testing

Pumps RE Engineered Parts Solutions

  • Obsolete Pump & Parts Solutions
  • Rapid Reverse Engineered Parts
  • Orphaned Pumps & Part Solutions
  • OEM Quality Replication

Pumps Repair Maintenance & Overhaul

  • Condition Monitoring
  • On-site and off-site repairs
  • Global Service Centre Network

Training Materials

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